who are we

South Corner is a team of demanding professionals who work to make their sport evolve intelligently towards the peak of performance. We care about our horses, adapting their work to their ability to bring out the best in each of them. Together, we move forward to bring the South Corner touch to the most beautiful competition grounds.


Photo d'un cheval en entraînement chez South Corner
Photo d'un cheval qui galope


Identifying a promising horse to reveal him at the highest level: our expertise is enriched by our experience.

For many years, we have worked tirelessly to keep up this momentum.
South Corner has a significant collection of highly talented young horses. In contrast to many competitors, South Corner pursues a long-term concept that plans for the advancement and development of horses from breeding to top sport. Our concept is not only based on the procurement of good genetics, but above all on the development of our mares right through to the highest levels.

It is through our perseverance we compete at the top!


Bjorn has been riding in the Nations’ Cups, European Championships, World Championships and the Olympic Games in Hong Kong and London. He competed for Ukraine at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he took tenth with his teammates in the team portion. Show jumping and horse breeding have been at the heart of Nagel family for several generations. From the very beginning, the family has pursued ambitious goals in both sport and breeding.


Fundamental to this has always been a great readiness to promote innovations, e.g. in husbandry, feeding, training and the management of horses and riders. For example, the Nagel family is now behind the Nathe brand, which has become a global name for innovative horse bits made of high-quality thermoplastic, particularly suitable for highly sensitive horses.